The entreprises Xmas Party in Pin Rouge is THE formula that many entreprises like since many years !

They love it because we do everything, from decorating, food, beverages, DJs and more !

We will draw prizes of many hundred dollars.

Partying with many entreprises is the best way to celebrate Xmas with your colleagues.

Click here to see the detailed and printable document (in french) !

Enjoy our chalets at their lowest prices.!
Offer to your guests bottles of wine and tickets for free beverages
Choose a private space at the 2nd floor.
Your night:
An improved meal formula
(including : Xmas cocktail, local appetizers, Xmas buffet, desserts table and Xmas logs)
Super dance night with our guests DJs
Bar service
Prizes draw
and more


Reserve now !
Limited number of places
Contact Lou Landry:  418 392-5134 poste 125